First Steps Parnell

First Steps Parnell is a unique, urban, multicultural, quality childcare centre located off The Strand on the fringe of the CBD, Britomart and Parnell. Our location provides convenient access to Auckland’s business district and surrounding apartments. 

Our centre offers an oasis in the city where children are cared for from 3 months to 5 years. We have two separate rooms in our centre, an Under 2’s room and an Over 2’s room. Each room delivers a programme based on the children’s developmental growth, emerging dispositions and interests. Every child has a portfolio prepared for them to document their learning and development. 

Three delicious, fresh meals a day are prepared by our lovely cook and we have been awarded a Gold Healthy Heart Award from The Heart Foundation of New Zealand. 

Our centre has a nurturing, friendly team of teachers and we aim to provide children in our care with the best educational opportunities. Qualified teachers continue to research and review current practice while continually communicating with parents working together as a team.

Our environment provides a stimulating space for each child to reach their full potential. Outside children have an opportunity to grow their own vegetables, observe butterflies hatching, developing their foundations for learning through active movement and exploration.

We have a unique Be School Ready initiative that has been developed to ensure that children leave the centre as confident, capable learners, prepared for the next step in their education journey.

What else you can expect from our centre:
•    A planned integrated programme that reflects children’s current interests, strengths and dispositions in daily activities and experiences
•  Qualified or in-training teachers who are open, friendly and welcoming who extend children’s learning to develop each child’s individual potential through the planning and assessment system
•   A centre that works on building high self-esteem, social skills and self-help skills, that encourages a love of learning through supporting creativity and imagination
•    Quality teacher to child ratios with an emphasis on high teacher to child responsive interactions
•    Nutritious healthy meals prepared on site daily catering to all dietary requirements

Parent Feedback:

"Just want to say thanks again for last night, and what a wonderful night it was! I caught up with parents that I met at picnic last time, as well as teachers and parents from the under 2’s room whom I don’t see as often these days. It was a treat to have a lovely dinner served (and not having to do dishes!). It just had such a buzz and a close community feeling about it. As I got into the car, I looked back into the windows and saw the team clearing things away, no doubt everyone worked overtime to pull this together. Just want to say thanks to everyone, and I feel very lucky to be part of this community."