Topkids centres have the latest advancements in child learning. Here you will find home like centres for babies, separate play areas for different ages groups, improved acoustics, light, layout and flow.

All our centres have qualified teachers who love children. Research shows that preschool teachers with degrees offer high quality learning experiences for children.

Our teachers know how to relate to children, are warm and affectionate and delight in the projects, play and interactions children have with each other and adults.

Our programme is designed to encourage learning. Our teachers can tell you not only what they are doing but why they are doing it. You will find play with purpose. We will also work closely with you, the parent so together we can map your child’s development and progress.

At our centres you will find child appropriate learning toys and equipment. Quiet corners so children can enjoy a book, places where activities are laid out ready for children to learn something new, experiment, build, break down, play with water, sand and so on.

Every child has an individual programme why? Because the design of child development programmes has emerged as an important factor in supporting a child’s learning.

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